Thursday, 30 October 2008

week one

Well my life is in limbo. My last day working for the Optometrists Association was on Friday. I had an interview at the local Convention Centre on Monday followed by job offer on Tuesday and now it's Thursday and I'm waiting to hear when I start my part time work. I've taken this job to fill in the times I won't be down the coast working in the flower shop.

In the mean time it's derby derby derby. Our third and final bout of the season is Saturday 8 November. My team, the Golden Roughs, have lost the last two games and this time we're out for blood. Just kidding! We're having fun and focusing on making the crowd love this sport.

Thursday, 16 October 2008

new life

So I'm changing careers and becoming a florist. Here's my first attempt at a corsage.

Friday, 26 September 2008

it's Spring

For some reason there are birds that chirp all night long in our perfect tree outback. I get up at midnight to let Maddie out and there they are. I get up at 3 am and yep, still twittering away. Now don't get me wrong, I'm all for birdies singing their little hearts out but come on, 3 am!? Must be global warming or the poles reversing. Something is going on and I mid-as-well get in on it.

So I bought $65 worth of plants last weekend and have been working on getting them into the ground all week. So far, the three pumpkin plants are in, so is the dill, four citronella plants (ones gone missing already-I'm blaming Maddie), oregano, sage and wisteria are all in.
The eggplant, tomatoes, basil, Meyer lemon, galangal, chamomile, squash, zucchini, and a couple plants forgotten what are, still sit scattered around the property. Tomorrow, the day starts early with a trip to the markets for cut flowers, a Kaffir lime and a bunch of rosemary plants. Then it's off to puppy school with our growing terrorist, and then to Bunnnings, to buy a little spade, some garden and potting soil and some blood and bone. All this before noon when it's time for a four year olds Princess (read costume) birthday party. Fun times.

Our lawn went a bit feral and Mick got the mower going yesterday, I think he started daydreaming, cause I came home to discover two of my three ginger plants now are little stumps. I'm going to have to tie bright orange safety tape to them and everything else I plant outside the apricot brick beds. silly boys!

Thursday, 18 September 2008


Thanks for your patience, it's been awhile, but this time I have a good reason. Yes, I am a bit lazy about posting, but stepping away from the outside world to be with my partner is a pretty damn good excuse.

Back in mid August Mick got the call saying that his surgery would be on Monday 8 September. There went my heart, straight through my chest. The words I'd been waiting to hear since Easter finally were audiable and I didn't want to hear them. I realise that yes, I had issues with this whole surgery thing.

I do love my honey and I want him to be healthy, but more than that I want him to be around. The smallest chance of him leaving this world or his personality changing scared the shit out of me. I think it scared me so much because Mick has always been so confident and comfortable with who he is. Mick is an immense character, he's passionately loved by family and friends, he's a big bear that sits on a big boulder, steadfast and strong. The kind of bear and boulder that easily becomes your favorite company and place to watch life go by.

Right, as mick would say that's enough mush, back to the cutting. Luckily I had three weeks to come to terms with the surgery and amazingly, I did. The more I talked to people about it the more comfortable I felt with the whole procedure. And now that it's over and everything is pretty much good, I'm glad it's over, of course. So very very glad.

Mick came home on Monday, he's up the coast on Bribie today having a fishing trip with his grandad Soni and hopefully remembering to take his tablets. He gets tired, but I suppose after having the closest thing to brain surgery as you can get, I'd be tired too.

In fact I am a bit tired, Maddie's fell asleep while sharing the chair with me and an empty bed is calling so, good night, sweet dreams, and don't let the bed bugs bite.

Oh yeah, before I head off to my own sweet dreams, thank you. Thank you to everyone who has been supportive of Mick and I and the rest of the family. Thank you for your thoughts, calls, patience and everything else you have shared with us.

Thursday, 21 August 2008

back to the house

Our new puppie, Maddie, obvisouly does not approve of the lovely orange and brown shag carpet that adornes our lounge room. When not chewing on sock covered toes, any newspaper left unattended on the floor or snoring she's trying to pull up the carpet. Now I don't really mind this interest she's showing in our renovations, but she's got to learn that first the wallpaper comes down, then the carpet comes up. Silly puppy.

Speaking of house improvements, I've started working in the garden again. Just doing some weeding in the apricot brick garden beds. Maddie is very helpful with this too, she loves nosing her way through the pulled piles of weeds and bouncing around in the loose dirt. While it may take a bit more time with her help it does make the task a hundred times more enjoyable, and yes, I do enjoy pulling weeds.

The front yard has just been severly pruned. We have about eight georgeous roses and most have some sort of disease or infestation. So good bye beautiful roses for now, see you next autumn.

Thursday, 14 August 2008


The EkkA in Brisbane is basically the state show. It's huge! It's even got it's own flu named after it. School children are bused in, old couples scoot around, and there's cow poo everywhere! The dagwood dogs (corn dogs), fairy floss (cotton candy), and strawberry sundays (an ice cream cone filled with chopped strawberries, strawberry ice, cream and topped with a strawberry) fill the tummies of all who walk through those iron gates of the RNA showgrounds.
I love how bright the Sun State Roller Girls balloons turned out, in the bright blue of the Brisbane sky they really shine.
My roller derby league, the Sun State Roller Girls, were invited to be roving entertainers for the EkkA this year and we jumped at the chance. The EkkA runs from Thursday 7 August till Saturday 16 August and we were asked to participate in their daily parade and demonstrate roller derby. I signed up for everday, but had to miss out on Sunday due to having a sever allergic reaction to some ant bites. Two days to go and the only thing I haven't tried are the ribs. yummy.
The skating has been lots of fun, and although we don't get to show off much of our roller derby skills due to big crowds, we have been handing out hundreds of balloons and stickers and flyers. The crowds work in our favour in that there's so many people that we can explain derby to and invite to our bout (Saturday 13 September at Beenleigh Arena!). Skating is very difficult though with so many people milling about. Our stoping and slowing techniques have really improved as has propelling ourselves with out big leg movements. The lungs have gotten a work out too, we've blown up about 100 balloons a day!

The little kids love anything we hand out. Not much is free and even flyers seem to fly out of our hands. We've got one that explains what roller derby is, on that is a flyer for "Brisbane all girl full contact roller derby action" our bout on the 13th. We've also got our stickers that say, "If you can't play nice, play roller derby" and our balloons with the Sun State Roller Girls logo and website,

Monday, 11 August 2008


Here she is, our little terror.

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Two posts in one week!

What is this world turning into when a girl manages to get TWO posts out in a week? I'll tell you what, derby world! I'm sure you were expecting to hear something much different than that, but there it is. Laid out in front of you to judge or not judge or just ponder and maybe judge later.

I got to skate the EkkA today, and I get to tomorrow and the next day, and the day after that. TEN! read 'em and weep ten days of, luscious strawberries covered in chocolate, ten days of Dagwood dogs, ten days of jumping over cow paddies as well. The Sun State Roller Girls were invited by the EkkA peps to be roving entertainers. I love skateing roller derby in Brisbane!

I'll post some photos tomorrow, which is Friday, just in case you forgot. FRIDAY!!!!

I don't know if it's the sun and perfect temperatures or if it's just all the exercise I'm getting lately, but I feel damn good right now. I'm going to look at a litter of puppies this afternoon and maybe just pick one out too. I'll let you know how I go.

asta man-ya-na
yes, i know that's not how you spell it, but i don't care.


Monday, 4 August 2008

hmmm....I'll have to do better

Hello there. It's been a while, just over a month, and yes, I know I'm a very bad blogger. Well, what has been going on in my life has little to do with our house and much to do with derby. In case you didn't know, I play all girl flat track roller derby for the Sun State Roller Girls. I've been playing derby for just over a year and I love it!It's a crazy sport, it gives me very high highs and sometimes a lot of stress. Through derby I have improved myself and I'd like to think that the world has improved maybe just a bit because of what I've contributed through derby.
When I first moved to Brisbane almost six years ago I didn't know anyone. I spent a lot of time at the library reading the news and discovering new things to be interested in. I eventually meet a few people who always hung around the library surrounds and we became fast friends. These friends introduced me to my partner, Mick, and we have all remained close throughout the years. Although very dear to my heart and very involved in my life they were and always have been friends I stole from my Mick. thanks babe! Most of what we've done here in Brissy has always been insulated with in our mob and sometimes I yearned for a bit of outside contact.

I needed an outlet and I wanted it to be something new and challenging but mostly I needed it to be physical. Since leaving uni my level of activity had plummeted to the occasional tree climbing expedition while intoxicated, definitely not enough to keep this food lover fit.

In late 2006 a friend was living with us that had been involved with a women's circus group called Vulcana and she invited me along to her aerial acrobatic training sessions. I took a semester of classes with these strong and fearless women, I loved the physicalness it introduced back to me, a non-exercising lover of couches. The semester ended and I swore that I'd sign up for another semester but I just never did. Money, time and laziness were all factors, but the biggest was that I had had always been self conscious about my body around the aerial acrobats. These muscle toned goddesses of the sky slid through the tissue and trapeze in ways I knew my well rounded thighs would always have a bit of trouble with.

I don't think I've ever been a small girl. Now, before you go off on me, I like my body and I love my curves, but sometimes some of them just get in the way of what I want to do. I needed to find a sport that would allow my luscious curves to be embarrassed but still tone them into an easier form to deal with.

Rugby involved too much running and a ball that I knew I would be afraid to catch. Swimming wasn't social enough. I had just about given up hope, when derby came across my laptop screen one day and BINGO! here we go ladies, I found it.
It was sometime in early in June 2007 I came upon roller derby. According to the Internet, roller derby was booming in America, since 2001 it had expanded from two or three leagues to over 250! This was a full contact sport for women only. Everything I read about it spoke of changing women's lives for the better. The blood, sweat and tears didn't scare me off but instead attracted me. Women were building businesses based on the motto, "by the skaters, for the skaters."

The women I found training Brisbane's southside were friendly and very motivated. These women weren't afraid to say what they were thinking and they wore what they wanted to. They were confident and encouraging and I knew as soon as I stepped on the rink that this was the sport for me. It's a sport that wouldn't send me off if I happened to shove another player out of my way.
I soon discovered that being involved in roller derby meant more than just skating, roller derby is a business. It's a business that needs creative types and admin types and everyone in between to be successful. The Sun State Roller Girls is a non-for-profit incorporated organization, you can find out all about our mission statement and more about what roller derby is on our website Sun State Roller Girls Website
For me roller derby here on the southside of Brisbane isn't just about the physical sport or running an successful business, it's about reaching out to the community and sharing our passion. It's about getting women on the rink and involved with something out of their day to day lives. The women in SSRG come from all walks of life. Some of them love the spectacle, some
the sport but most love both. Most women I skate with have learned that roller derby has something special that brings out their best and that, is what they love about it.
Well, I've now rattled on about myself for long enough, but I thought hey, if nothing is going on with the house, you midaswell know what was going on in my life.
If you live in the Brisbane area and are interested in playing roller derby send me a message or check out my leagues website at Sun State Roller Girls Website
Training now takes place

Sundays @ Digi Skate from 7pm $10 skate hire available

Mondays @ Beenleigh Arena Indoor Sports Centre from 7pm $10

Wednesdays @ meet in the middle of the Goodwill Bridge at 7pm - we skate with Planet Inline $15 for the entire year

Thursdays @ Mt Gravatt YMCA from 7:10pm $75 for 6 weeks

Fridays @ Murarrie Recreational Reserve from 5:30am free

Friday, 4 July 2008

bathroom part duex

Quick 'lil post with lost of ideas for you to ponder on.

We'll start with one that I really appreciate, maybe my favourite? It's got the combined shower and bath and its got a built in mirror storage unit. I love the tiles but the rest is a bit too boring white for my tastes. I'm not a big fan of the vanity setup but hey, nothing's perfect right?
{Brinda Bella Bathrooms}

Love this pebbled wall. Plain and simple, just love it.
{by LJT Bathrooms}
This is how I see our bathroom setup, but without the wall seperating bath and vanity
{by LJT Bathrooms}
Nice colours here.
{tiles by Perini}

The blonde wood is really fresh, but I'm not sure if it would hold up against some of the tiling I've seen and liked so much (see above)
{LJT Bathrooms}

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

The bathroom

It's a new month and since it's a new month I'm going to turn over a new leaf and try to be a bit more consistent with new posts. This week we'll make bathroom week. What is, what can be, and could be will all be covered so hang on tight and stay tuned.

Currently the our bathroom looks like this. My favorite features are the blue tiles with cornflowers and the waterproof asbestos walls. Now this is what I call a relaxing room.
Exciting, huh.

What I'd like our bathroom to look like is this.
I like the colours, they are classic and they are relaxing. Two concepts that anyone would want in a sanctuary for cleansing. Here's a couple images that take those concepts and translate them into beautiful rooms.
{ the deep soak tub from Reece}

{the winning HIA bathroom by Reece}

{Smarter Bathrooms HIA winner for Small Bathroom Renovation}

For now what we need is a bit more storage space and some good hooks for robes and towels. I'd like to put in fixtures now that can be removed and reinstalled if and when we do a bathroom remodel.

We have two options for the bathroom remodel.

1) replaces the basin, adds a toilet, removes the shower and installs a toilet, replaces the bathtub and installs a shower head over it, and removes the current tiles and concrete floor replacing with another concrete floor and classical tiles.

2) doesn't replace/remove anything except the vanity. We just add new fixtures and shelving/hooks.

Stay tuned for more detail on what were looking to fill our two bathroom versions with.

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

A floorplan emerges

So sorry it's been a while since my last post. Life has been busy and not much is happening with the house.

INSIDE: Mick has installed some temporary shelving and hooks to the kitchen that freed up some counter space. I painted a chalk board on the wall that will be coming down (the one that seperates the lounge from the kitchen,) then covered it with lists. I've also begun removing wallpaper from the lounge. Half the wall looks bad and the other half looks well, just as bad.

OUTSIDE: I've dug a big hole for a bay tree, but Roger says it needs to be even bigger! A curry plant and some thyme have been added to the rose bed and are both doing well. Next time I go out to Chandler markets I'm going to get some more thyme and other hardy herbs to fill in the bed with.

Now is the time to be digging more holes for the citrus trees we plan to grow. Roger says these have to be huge, since our dirt is so poor we have to cultivate everything. I've also put in three native ginger plants, an edible cardamon ginger, three tree ferns, a native frangipani that's evergreen, as well as a lilly pilly, and three wattles. All these plants are just seedlings, but should grow fast.

I have had a chance to do up a quick floor plan for future renovations. Please click on the image for a better view.
Let me know what you think. I'll soon be posting many ideas to fill future spaces.

Friday, 13 June 2008

The lounge

Here are a few ideas for the lounge from poster shops.

{Four of the Six transported to Australia for forming a Trade Union. For sale on}{Women's Labour Force, for sale on}{Maxeville Beer poster, for sale on}

Friday, 6 June 2008

mish mash

{Curryville @ Morningside}
best lamb sagwalla and chicken chat in the country. oh yeah the pannier isn't bad either.
This weekend is packed full. I am attacking it with a strict budget and a good nights rest.

There's the Redland Indigiscapes plant sale on, then op shopping for derby, hens night and concert clothes, then Wintersun and a social at Tweeds Heads Epic Skate. Sunday follows with the Lifeline Bookfest and Young and Emerging Designers Southbank Markets. Plus finally spending some time with Mick since he's been on night shift all week. Phew.

I'm really looking forward to it all. really, I am. :)

I've been lost on what to do with our lounge room. Here's a little bit of inspiration, but I still need some cohesive theme. Here's some one stop shopping items found at room & board, now where's that spare $9,464 that I had laying around.

{Heartwood Extension Table}
all product photos from room and board online catalogue

{Corbin chairs}

{Heartwood Storage Cabinet}{Nogouchi Blue Pod and Script lamps}

{Galbraith & Paul Smokebush large Pendant in Garnet (medium orange shown)}

Thursday, 5 June 2008

afternoon musings

Back onto the subject of fencing: went for a walk yesterday morning and came upon this fantastically simple fence. It just seems very elegant and practical to me. I'll try and get a better photo on my next walk.
Same walk, same street. The fence around the property was so ornate and well taken care of and then there was this sign. I thought it was a great juxtaposition.
So this may be a little confronting, but it's so yummy that I couldn't not put it up on here. Roasted beetroot with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Sweet, tangy heaven.
Two minutes after woofing down the last scrumptious bite of the staining veg, I had my own staining liquid leaking from my finger. While washing the dishes I cut the tip of my pointer finger with a newly sharpened knife.

That's it no more dish washing for me! ever again!

Ok, I know that's just not going to be possible, but I'm seriously thinking of never again handling sharp objects. I sliced open the same finger in February and had five stitches put in. The other finger carries a ham knife scar that still stares up at me! Ah well, must learn to slow down and just be more careful.

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Soft yellow

The horizon at this very moment in time is the softest of yellows: bathed in the suns last rays.

The few remaing droplets hang in the fermanent gently melting all other colours to the suns last triumph.

As much as I loved the grey skys and the wintery conditions a breif reprieve is always welcome.

On the home front there's not much to report. We've decided not to do anything to the place until Mick is back at work after his surgery and recovery time off. The goal is to save as much money as possible so we have a large cushion just in case things go unexpectadly.

On Sunday Mick and our friend Steve dug down through 2 inches of great soil then a foot of clay to hit sandstone. This is where digging stoped and the need for a crow bar arose. The holes are for a pailings fence that will run from either side of the house to adjoining boundry fences. The plan is to seperate the front yard from the back for a dog and also for when small children are visiting: we live on a very busy four lane road.

So, because we are doing a pailing fence here we are probably going to do a pailing fence for the rest of the property when the time arises. One decision made,l 1,000's to go.

Thursday, 29 May 2008


dull, dull, grey, so swollen
It needs to burst.
The heavy blanket above wants to rip open.
Free itself of the weight.
{view from work desk}

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

A little bit of organization

We can now walk through the lounge and kitchen with out high stepping over boxes. I'm finding bits of tape everywhere, but at least we've gotten all the boxes flattened and out of the lounge room.
This morning while I measured out the property for a fence the neighbors surprised me and said hello through their kitchen window. I was attaching one end of the measuring tape the chain link fence that runs the length of our properties and looking out for their dogs, didn't even think about people up and wanting to say hello to the outside world at that time of morning (6am).

So far were on great terms and for once we can say good things about the neighbors. They seem to be living pretty green with a solar water heater, rainwater tanks, herb beds and chooks. We'll have to invite them for a bbq sometime to say hi, talk about a new fence (currently, the back half has a 1.5m fence and the front half a 1m fence we want a 1.8m for the front half) and get permission to feed their chooks scraps until we get our own.

I haven't quite figured out the other neighbors yet, so far there's Liz, who's a really nice mature womyn, Ron also of mature age and stare -er, and two young people in their 20's who come and go (haven't met them yet). I guess they'll come to the bbq as well as the fencing will affect them to. We have a retaining wall seperating the back half of the properties at the moment and we would like to install a fence to run along the front halves.

The first major operation on the property is to install a fence. Mick said that I'm in charge of design and procurment, while he's on labour duties. He's said this about everything, I design and decide, he does.

Here's some ideas for fences: let me know what you think.

First up is the brush fence. It's hardwood and steel so no termites worries there. This type of fencing also is a good noise barrier. The looks are great, but I'm not sure how they will look in the neighboorhood. Installation is not the easiest and I'm really sure its not the cheapest.

{all photos below are from vendors websites.}
Next up is the colorbond fence. Colorbond fencing is powder coated steel. Very durable and strong, very fast and easy to install. It would fit in prefectly with neighborhood fence styles. You can get several different colours and three different styles plus lattice work at top if you'd like to fork out and extra $50 a panel. Installing automatic gates would be the easiest with colourbond.

Last on the list is a timber pailings fence. Probably the cheepest option. Presents a problem for pest control because of termites. Requires the most maintance and labour for installation. Would fit in fine with neighborhood.

All three fences would look fine if we did this (see below) to the front. The house below is just around the corner from us. I'd move the stairs to the (facing) right, but I think the style really suits our property.