Thursday, 21 August 2008

back to the house

Our new puppie, Maddie, obvisouly does not approve of the lovely orange and brown shag carpet that adornes our lounge room. When not chewing on sock covered toes, any newspaper left unattended on the floor or snoring she's trying to pull up the carpet. Now I don't really mind this interest she's showing in our renovations, but she's got to learn that first the wallpaper comes down, then the carpet comes up. Silly puppy.

Speaking of house improvements, I've started working in the garden again. Just doing some weeding in the apricot brick garden beds. Maddie is very helpful with this too, she loves nosing her way through the pulled piles of weeds and bouncing around in the loose dirt. While it may take a bit more time with her help it does make the task a hundred times more enjoyable, and yes, I do enjoy pulling weeds.

The front yard has just been severly pruned. We have about eight georgeous roses and most have some sort of disease or infestation. So good bye beautiful roses for now, see you next autumn.

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