Wednesday, 2 July 2008

The bathroom

It's a new month and since it's a new month I'm going to turn over a new leaf and try to be a bit more consistent with new posts. This week we'll make bathroom week. What is, what can be, and could be will all be covered so hang on tight and stay tuned.

Currently the our bathroom looks like this. My favorite features are the blue tiles with cornflowers and the waterproof asbestos walls. Now this is what I call a relaxing room.
Exciting, huh.

What I'd like our bathroom to look like is this.
I like the colours, they are classic and they are relaxing. Two concepts that anyone would want in a sanctuary for cleansing. Here's a couple images that take those concepts and translate them into beautiful rooms.
{ the deep soak tub from Reece}

{the winning HIA bathroom by Reece}

{Smarter Bathrooms HIA winner for Small Bathroom Renovation}

For now what we need is a bit more storage space and some good hooks for robes and towels. I'd like to put in fixtures now that can be removed and reinstalled if and when we do a bathroom remodel.

We have two options for the bathroom remodel.

1) replaces the basin, adds a toilet, removes the shower and installs a toilet, replaces the bathtub and installs a shower head over it, and removes the current tiles and concrete floor replacing with another concrete floor and classical tiles.

2) doesn't replace/remove anything except the vanity. We just add new fixtures and shelving/hooks.

Stay tuned for more detail on what were looking to fill our two bathroom versions with.

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