Monday, 4 August 2008

hmmm....I'll have to do better

Hello there. It's been a while, just over a month, and yes, I know I'm a very bad blogger. Well, what has been going on in my life has little to do with our house and much to do with derby. In case you didn't know, I play all girl flat track roller derby for the Sun State Roller Girls. I've been playing derby for just over a year and I love it!It's a crazy sport, it gives me very high highs and sometimes a lot of stress. Through derby I have improved myself and I'd like to think that the world has improved maybe just a bit because of what I've contributed through derby.
When I first moved to Brisbane almost six years ago I didn't know anyone. I spent a lot of time at the library reading the news and discovering new things to be interested in. I eventually meet a few people who always hung around the library surrounds and we became fast friends. These friends introduced me to my partner, Mick, and we have all remained close throughout the years. Although very dear to my heart and very involved in my life they were and always have been friends I stole from my Mick. thanks babe! Most of what we've done here in Brissy has always been insulated with in our mob and sometimes I yearned for a bit of outside contact.

I needed an outlet and I wanted it to be something new and challenging but mostly I needed it to be physical. Since leaving uni my level of activity had plummeted to the occasional tree climbing expedition while intoxicated, definitely not enough to keep this food lover fit.

In late 2006 a friend was living with us that had been involved with a women's circus group called Vulcana and she invited me along to her aerial acrobatic training sessions. I took a semester of classes with these strong and fearless women, I loved the physicalness it introduced back to me, a non-exercising lover of couches. The semester ended and I swore that I'd sign up for another semester but I just never did. Money, time and laziness were all factors, but the biggest was that I had had always been self conscious about my body around the aerial acrobats. These muscle toned goddesses of the sky slid through the tissue and trapeze in ways I knew my well rounded thighs would always have a bit of trouble with.

I don't think I've ever been a small girl. Now, before you go off on me, I like my body and I love my curves, but sometimes some of them just get in the way of what I want to do. I needed to find a sport that would allow my luscious curves to be embarrassed but still tone them into an easier form to deal with.

Rugby involved too much running and a ball that I knew I would be afraid to catch. Swimming wasn't social enough. I had just about given up hope, when derby came across my laptop screen one day and BINGO! here we go ladies, I found it.
It was sometime in early in June 2007 I came upon roller derby. According to the Internet, roller derby was booming in America, since 2001 it had expanded from two or three leagues to over 250! This was a full contact sport for women only. Everything I read about it spoke of changing women's lives for the better. The blood, sweat and tears didn't scare me off but instead attracted me. Women were building businesses based on the motto, "by the skaters, for the skaters."

The women I found training Brisbane's southside were friendly and very motivated. These women weren't afraid to say what they were thinking and they wore what they wanted to. They were confident and encouraging and I knew as soon as I stepped on the rink that this was the sport for me. It's a sport that wouldn't send me off if I happened to shove another player out of my way.
I soon discovered that being involved in roller derby meant more than just skating, roller derby is a business. It's a business that needs creative types and admin types and everyone in between to be successful. The Sun State Roller Girls is a non-for-profit incorporated organization, you can find out all about our mission statement and more about what roller derby is on our website Sun State Roller Girls Website
For me roller derby here on the southside of Brisbane isn't just about the physical sport or running an successful business, it's about reaching out to the community and sharing our passion. It's about getting women on the rink and involved with something out of their day to day lives. The women in SSRG come from all walks of life. Some of them love the spectacle, some
the sport but most love both. Most women I skate with have learned that roller derby has something special that brings out their best and that, is what they love about it.
Well, I've now rattled on about myself for long enough, but I thought hey, if nothing is going on with the house, you midaswell know what was going on in my life.
If you live in the Brisbane area and are interested in playing roller derby send me a message or check out my leagues website at Sun State Roller Girls Website
Training now takes place

Sundays @ Digi Skate from 7pm $10 skate hire available

Mondays @ Beenleigh Arena Indoor Sports Centre from 7pm $10

Wednesdays @ meet in the middle of the Goodwill Bridge at 7pm - we skate with Planet Inline $15 for the entire year

Thursdays @ Mt Gravatt YMCA from 7:10pm $75 for 6 weeks

Fridays @ Murarrie Recreational Reserve from 5:30am free

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