Tuesday, 27 May 2008

A little bit of organization

We can now walk through the lounge and kitchen with out high stepping over boxes. I'm finding bits of tape everywhere, but at least we've gotten all the boxes flattened and out of the lounge room.
This morning while I measured out the property for a fence the neighbors surprised me and said hello through their kitchen window. I was attaching one end of the measuring tape the chain link fence that runs the length of our properties and looking out for their dogs, didn't even think about people up and wanting to say hello to the outside world at that time of morning (6am).

So far were on great terms and for once we can say good things about the neighbors. They seem to be living pretty green with a solar water heater, rainwater tanks, herb beds and chooks. We'll have to invite them for a bbq sometime to say hi, talk about a new fence (currently, the back half has a 1.5m fence and the front half a 1m fence we want a 1.8m for the front half) and get permission to feed their chooks scraps until we get our own.

I haven't quite figured out the other neighbors yet, so far there's Liz, who's a really nice mature womyn, Ron also of mature age and stare -er, and two young people in their 20's who come and go (haven't met them yet). I guess they'll come to the bbq as well as the fencing will affect them to. We have a retaining wall seperating the back half of the properties at the moment and we would like to install a fence to run along the front halves.

The first major operation on the property is to install a fence. Mick said that I'm in charge of design and procurment, while he's on labour duties. He's said this about everything, I design and decide, he does.

Here's some ideas for fences: let me know what you think.

First up is the brush fence. It's hardwood and steel so no termites worries there. This type of fencing also is a good noise barrier. The looks are great, but I'm not sure how they will look in the neighboorhood. Installation is not the easiest and I'm really sure its not the cheapest.

{all photos below are from vendors websites.}
Next up is the colorbond fence. Colorbond fencing is powder coated steel. Very durable and strong, very fast and easy to install. It would fit in prefectly with neighborhood fence styles. You can get several different colours and three different styles plus lattice work at top if you'd like to fork out and extra $50 a panel. Installing automatic gates would be the easiest with colourbond.

Last on the list is a timber pailings fence. Probably the cheepest option. Presents a problem for pest control because of termites. Requires the most maintance and labour for installation. Would fit in fine with neighborhood.

All three fences would look fine if we did this (see below) to the front. The house below is just around the corner from us. I'd move the stairs to the (facing) right, but I think the style really suits our property.

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OBS said...

colorbond fence is not powder coated.
they spray it with a extereior grade paint.