Thursday, 5 June 2008

afternoon musings

Back onto the subject of fencing: went for a walk yesterday morning and came upon this fantastically simple fence. It just seems very elegant and practical to me. I'll try and get a better photo on my next walk.
Same walk, same street. The fence around the property was so ornate and well taken care of and then there was this sign. I thought it was a great juxtaposition.
So this may be a little confronting, but it's so yummy that I couldn't not put it up on here. Roasted beetroot with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Sweet, tangy heaven.
Two minutes after woofing down the last scrumptious bite of the staining veg, I had my own staining liquid leaking from my finger. While washing the dishes I cut the tip of my pointer finger with a newly sharpened knife.

That's it no more dish washing for me! ever again!

Ok, I know that's just not going to be possible, but I'm seriously thinking of never again handling sharp objects. I sliced open the same finger in February and had five stitches put in. The other finger carries a ham knife scar that still stares up at me! Ah well, must learn to slow down and just be more careful.

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{this is glamorous} said...

Loved the juxtaposition of the simple fence against the ornate. Hope your cut wasn't too serious. Thanks so much for your lovely welcome home message :)