Thursday, 30 October 2008

week one

Well my life is in limbo. My last day working for the Optometrists Association was on Friday. I had an interview at the local Convention Centre on Monday followed by job offer on Tuesday and now it's Thursday and I'm waiting to hear when I start my part time work. I've taken this job to fill in the times I won't be down the coast working in the flower shop.

In the mean time it's derby derby derby. Our third and final bout of the season is Saturday 8 November. My team, the Golden Roughs, have lost the last two games and this time we're out for blood. Just kidding! We're having fun and focusing on making the crowd love this sport.

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Rei Zerburnn said...

Hi Ruby!

Just wanted to let you know I added that link for you and I've got a neat little article up right now thanks to some Aussie derby folk who figured how to make their skates fit better with beer.

Check it out :)

Thanks for coming by and reading!


P.S. Your puppy is adorable <3