Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Soft yellow

The horizon at this very moment in time is the softest of yellows: bathed in the suns last rays.

The few remaing droplets hang in the fermanent gently melting all other colours to the suns last triumph.

As much as I loved the grey skys and the wintery conditions a breif reprieve is always welcome.

On the home front there's not much to report. We've decided not to do anything to the place until Mick is back at work after his surgery and recovery time off. The goal is to save as much money as possible so we have a large cushion just in case things go unexpectadly.

On Sunday Mick and our friend Steve dug down through 2 inches of great soil then a foot of clay to hit sandstone. This is where digging stoped and the need for a crow bar arose. The holes are for a pailings fence that will run from either side of the house to adjoining boundry fences. The plan is to seperate the front yard from the back for a dog and also for when small children are visiting: we live on a very busy four lane road.

So, because we are doing a pailing fence here we are probably going to do a pailing fence for the rest of the property when the time arises. One decision made,l 1,000's to go.

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