Friday, 6 June 2008

mish mash

{Curryville @ Morningside}
best lamb sagwalla and chicken chat in the country. oh yeah the pannier isn't bad either.
This weekend is packed full. I am attacking it with a strict budget and a good nights rest.

There's the Redland Indigiscapes plant sale on, then op shopping for derby, hens night and concert clothes, then Wintersun and a social at Tweeds Heads Epic Skate. Sunday follows with the Lifeline Bookfest and Young and Emerging Designers Southbank Markets. Plus finally spending some time with Mick since he's been on night shift all week. Phew.

I'm really looking forward to it all. really, I am. :)

I've been lost on what to do with our lounge room. Here's a little bit of inspiration, but I still need some cohesive theme. Here's some one stop shopping items found at room & board, now where's that spare $9,464 that I had laying around.

{Heartwood Extension Table}
all product photos from room and board online catalogue

{Corbin chairs}

{Heartwood Storage Cabinet}{Nogouchi Blue Pod and Script lamps}

{Galbraith & Paul Smokebush large Pendant in Garnet (medium orange shown)}

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