Tuesday, 6 May 2008


There is a never ending flow of paperwork that is being printed from our printer these days. Loan application forms, First Home Owners Grant (FHOG) forms, copies of passports and licences to be certified. Lots of emails back and forth between BCU Credit Union and myself. We've requested many, many documents and as of today are no longer waiting on any!

I got an email this morning letting us know that we have been conditionally approved by the Mortgage Insurers subject to the house valuation and FHOG approval! One step closer to moving in- I'm starting to allow myself to be excited again!

On Thursday past Mick and I met at the bank to get six months of savings account statements from 4 accounts printed off. We requested the statements a week and a half before but they only sent one page from one account so a trip into the branch was called for. Mess ups like this exactly why we have chosen not to go through Commonwealth Bank for our home loan. Getting paperwork becomes somewhat of a mission because two of the accounts are in only Mick's name and the hours that he works makes getting into a bank next to impossible.

I received the last of our statements from Mick's personal loan this morning and I've sent it off to the bank. I think I've faxed over 100 pages of contracts, loan and savings statements, application forms, and a myriad of miscellaneous documents.

Over the weekend we got mail from the real estate, the solicitor and the bank. We've declined to have any extra searches done by the solicitor, The property was sold only 2 years ago so I'm hoping that any nasties were found and dealt with then, of course I could be very badly mistaken and something could be horribly wrong with the place. Guess we'll just get to be surprised!

So here's the important dates:
5 May - Building Inspection (really the 6th because 5 May in Queensland is Labour Day)
15 May - Finance and payment of deposit
23 May - Settlement!

I've scheduled a household and carpet cleaner for the 23rd, but I'm thinking that I'll have to get those changed to the 24th and 26th respectively, I want to be able to hand the keys into Jeff Jones Real Estate, our current rental agents on the 26th. Might just have to take that day off work as well. Whoo hoo... moving! my favorite past time in the whole wide world.

Since Roger, Micks dad, is going to be living with us till after Mick's surgery at least, were going to get Foxtel and SKY installed. So I've got to call about that now to get it installed in time. Lots of footy watching for recovery should be helpful and if not technically healthy it's at least not physically taxing.

Which reminds me about the Optus Wireless Broadband and our land line. I'll have to get that changed as well, hopefully they have coverage out in the burbs of Carina. I've already ordered a moving checklist from the Post and that should remind me of any other little things I've missed. Hmmm...electricity, unions, credit card, bank, car and health insurance....and the list goes on.

Only 17 days till the keys are ours!

ps I've been debating on changing the name of the blog since it is a bit deceptive. The house is a workers home, but a cottage? ideas/suggestions are very welcome!

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