Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Our little cave

Finally! I've had some inspiration for our bedroom. Cruising through blog world I happened upon Coco & Kelley, who has a beautiful blog btw, and found this photo. It's originally from Atla at Apartment Therapy, another fab blog, who did a special on this apartment.

I love the rich cream walls, they remind me of the local organic Greek yogurt that is so luxurious that there's a 1/4 inch layer of thicken cream on the top when you first break the seal. So yummy that I always forget about my lactose intolerance and scoop out a big dollop, heaven.

And the dark "Caribbean forest," as Coco & Kelley calls it, just wraps you in it's arms of strength and comfort. Sophisticated romance springs to mind, almost perfectly balanced between masculine and femininity for a shared bedroom.

Now, we do live in Queensland and even though the temps right now are perfect, come January the humidity will peak and anything not dried within an inch of it's life before summer hits, will never be dry again. So, a fan is needed, and this one is gorgeous. Found it on the ever bountiful Neiman Marcus online catalogue.These lamps from Pieces Inc have just the right amount of contrasting colour to perk up our little cave.

Love the texture of this Fendi linen from Neiman Marcus.

I'm not big on the white marble tops of these side tables from Paris Hotel Boutique, but the structure is what I'm looking for, maybe something a bit more practical with a drawer. The one below is from Neiman Marcus again and the one below that from Room and Board.

We've got to get the wall paper down before we do anything to the bedroom, but I can at least start collecting bits here and there.

I know the bedrooms should get done after the lounge as it's the most visible to guests, but I'm thinking that if I wake up in a room I love, then I'm that much more motivated to peal wallpaper from everything else.

I wrote out a time line today for inside the house and it goes something like this:

Move in and unpack, make sure all items to be stored are in water tight containers off the ground on pallets under the house.

Paint wall between kitchen and lounge: top-white, middle-chalk board grey, bottom-red.

Hang up photos on chalk board middle strip.

Remove wallpaper from the lounge, our bedroom, Roger's bedroom and hall (I recall that the back bedroom doesn't have any wallpaper.)

Paint all walls Primer white. Then move on to: our bedroom, back bedroom, Roger's bedroom, lounge.

Remove shag carpet! and polish floorboards.

Do something about the window coverings. Remove and replace with ?.

Then we play the waiting game. We want to live in the property for about a year before we do any major renovations on it.

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