Thursday, 15 May 2008

Wishful Etsying dreaming design

So I may be getting a bit a head of myself, but I just couldn't help it. I was cruising through (best site ever!) and came across so much that I thought would be perfect for the back bedroom that my clicking fingers got away with themselves. Below are some ideas:

The decal would go at the end of a day bed we already have. Don't know if there's room enough. The decal is by the etsy shop, Badass Custom Decals and is called "Bird on a Tree"
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I found this great material and thought it'd be perfect for some throw cushions.
Designed by Free Spirits and sold on etsy by Mod FabricPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Another decal, but I think it kinda ties in with the bird. Again, room?
The decal is by the etsy shop, Badass Custom Decals and is called "Sea Grass"
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I would love this pattern on another cushion.
Designed by Jennifer Pagandeir and sold on etsy by shop, downshadowlane.
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So here's how I imagine the layout of the room.
I'd like to experiment and see if these two colours on the fabric swatch above would be too much if used as primary colours for the room. Maybe a turquoise in just a shade lighter. The room isn't that big (haven't had a chance to measure it yet.) But if done carefully it just might work. We have to fit alot in this room so solid walls with patterned accessories (cushions, window dressings, not the bedspread) might have to be the go.

A magazine table with small table lamp and plant on it next to the window.

The daybed under the other window. This window is up about 5 ft from the floor.

Our filing cabinet at the end of the bed with a plant. The cabinet is metal but it's a fabulous three drawer number with bright rust orange drawers and a dark brown cabinet.

A small writing desk with the laptop and arm chair. Somehow I've got to figure out where to put the printer, it'll probably end up under the desk as a foot rest.

A bookshelf

assorted nic naks (cause they just need some place to collect dust)

Here's the rest of the house. I think I've made it to wide, but I've only been going off pictures and memory so far. I took the liberty of adding builtins for two of the bedroom (they don't have them currently).

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