Monday, 19 May 2008

Tea Party

Now that we have a yard again and arn't going to disturb neighbors too much, Iwe get to throw parties again. I've already got a tea party dancing along in my head. Mick just shook his head and looked at me like I was crazy when I told him about it. It'll be girls only in the backyard and I'm really looking forward to it. The sky is a predictable but beautiful blue these days and the temps are perfect.The organic cold MENU and SERVING METHOD method is:
Strawberries (med bowl)
Cream (sm bowl)
Scones (tray)
Jam (sm bowl)
Lemon curd (sm bowl)
Turkish Delight (tray - pink)
Petite Fours (tiered cake stand)
Cake – Bolconne Dolce (cake plate - pink)
Russian tea cakes (cake plate –silver)
Banana Nut Bread (tray)
Assorted finger sandwiches (tiered cake stand & tray)
Chicken Curry
Chicken Salad with Smoked Almonds
Egg Salad
Goats Cheese and Watercress
Cheese (wood board)
Figs (wood board)
Grapes (wood board)
Assorted nuts (sm bowl on wood board)
Tea, of course!

Curried chicken and homemade bread sangers, I think I'm drooling already.

Now this is where my love for planning comes in here's the EQUIPMENT list
Table & Chairs (8)
Roses in low clear glass vase
Other flowers in low vases (2)
(lillies? I'll drag lisa along and we'll see what's at markets)
Tea lights in glass votives (16)
Three tiered stand (2)
One for sandwiches
One for sweets
Cloth napkins (8)
White Tablecloth
White Tea Towels (4)
China – Teacups, saucers, tea plates (8)
Silver tea service – teapot, creamer, sugar
bowl, tea spoons, sugar tongs
Salt & Pepper shakers
Cheese board and knife
Cake stand, knife and server
Crystal water jug
Water glasses (8)
Champagne goblets (8)
Ice bucket
Serving bowls (5)Serving trays (4) Serving spoons (3)
butter (cream) knives (2)

this lemon curd looks so yummy. I can't wait till we can harvest our fist lemons.

I'll have to do a few early saturday mornings for garages sales and find all the lacey linen and feminene china for the party.


Steve said...

hi ruth. I just have to tell you that you are completly stark raving mad. But the food looks good.

Rudy Begonia said...

Thanks Steve, I'd beat u up for calling me a loon, but since your helping us move, I'll let you slide this time.

Thanks for reading my blog.