Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Building Inspection

I'm beginning to feel that building inspectors have it pretty good. They spend an hour taking a look around and charge $390 for the pleasure. So yes, I know they are qualified, and they may spot something that I could walk straight pass, but I am glad that we are done with them!

Frank from Acumen, inspected the property this morning and gave us the all clear, the roof is good for another 50 years as is the rest of the guts. There are a couple of things to be fixed like the toilet needs screwed down properly and some of the doors don't close easily, but everything is pretty much in order. There's a window missing, but that's underneath the house and some of the window latches are hard to operate. Overall, it's a good house and Frank is a good inspector, at these last two properties, he's been honest and realistic, I'd recommend him and Acumen (I have not received any discounts or advantages in any for this recommendation).

While I was at the property this morning the estate agent reminded me about getting a cover note. Quick call to AAMI and RACQ will get that sorted. Lots of fees between now and settlement. Hmm....

Had another look at the yard, and yep, it's still a go for front yard garden, don't really know where to put the chooks though. I'll have to really get the dimensions of the place correct and see just where our Northern property line is. I'd like to fit in a three bin composter as well, but there's a couple of really well established shrubs in the way that I don't want to loose. This is how I see it standing on the street and looking from North to South; fence, thorny climbing vegetation on fence, chook and compost coop, border plants, pathway to front door, rose bed, raised garden beds, hedge, driveway, shrubbery, fence. Looking at the width of the land I'm estimating it at 18 meters or 59 feet, but to be safe it's probably 16m/52ft, lots to fit in a little space, but I think we can make it work.

I discovered a beautiful camilla on the property today, it's a gorgeous dark pink/purple. It's right next to a very nice apricot/orange rose. With lots of weeding and mulching and some pruning the established plants would really be breathtaking.

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