Monday, 21 April 2008

The start of a new search

Today is a new day and a new search has begun.

On Saturday me and my two friends attended the auction and there's nothing to say except we lost. There was great effort and control expecially because of supportive friends, and even after going $6,500 over our agreed limit we finally said no, no more. I had Mick on the phone with me the entire time, his silence was vast compared to the auctioners babling.

The auction started and all I could feel was my heart beating. I didn't get into the fray until the auctioner made the second call, but everyone seemed to have that strategy too, so we continued like this until the end. The property sold for $327,000. A shake of the hand from the auctioner and a call from the real estate agent later on saying he was, "disappointed" didn't help the devestated feelings that I was having. The dream of our own home, the closest I feel we will come to just building a home from scratch was fading. But all is not lost, Sunday was the day for renewed searching and it looks like maybe we've found something better already!

The new property is a 1920's cottage. The lot is much smaller, 356 sqm, but it's clean and it's easily livable. It's not the most quiet of locations but neither was the last one. We've got an inspection today during peak trafic hour and we'll be able to hear just how loud it is.

There is also another property we'd like to take a look at: a small (very small) cottage in a location that is second on our list. The lot is perfectly sized, but they want to get offers around 500K. Mick just laughed when I told him the price listed on the agents brochure. "They've got to be kidding themselves," it really is a demo and build job. Maybe they could have gotten that price late last year, but not now. We might still look at it though, if they are willing to come WAY down in price.

Mick also has an appointment with his endrocrinologist today. Hopefully the doctor will be able to put him on some hormone drugs to calm his growth down a bit and will tell us exactly how much time off work he'll need after surgery. Mick has a 1 cm growth on his pituratury gland, it's effecting his growth hormones. Normal levels should be 40 and his are 140 so his jaw and other facial features are growing. If we know how much time he needs of work after the surgery we can determine if we should even buy a property now. Fingers crossed.

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