Monday, 26 January 2009

I'm back!

Please accept my apologies for having been gone for almost three months, it's been a very busy time.

So wanna know what life's been up to?

Well, I now work at Surfers Paradise Flowers in Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast and I'm working at the Carina Leagues Club whoooo hoooo. If you can't guess my favorite is the flower shop :)

Mick is good, they increased his medication and he's handling it all well. The doctors say that they can't do surgery again because his tumor has merged to much with his pituitary gland. His hormone levels are down from 146 to 59, and with the current dosage will hopefully get to the 40's which is normal.

Maddie has grown and grown, but still is a very cute, energetic and smart puppy. She caught the frisbee twice at the park yesterday.

Derby is back into serious mode with the new star program being instituted and a bout between us and Victoria being planned for June or July. We have so many awesome freshmeat this year, they all get along really well and they're skating is improving so rapidly it's scary, good scary though.

The house, oh the house. Today is Australia Day and we're continuing the great aussie tradition of renovating. All eight different types of wall paper has been removed. The lounge and hall has been sanded, plastered, sanded and then painted and then sanded and plastered again. I bought a test tin of paint for our bedroom, emerald green, but haven't yet had the chance to open it up for a go.

The lounge won't be a stark white like we were originally thinking but instead a creamy colour still with Paris red and mahogany for accents.

The day Roger attacked his room with the wall paper remover was a day of morning. Gone are the ships floating on the sea of silver, the cherub gods of wind have been themselves steamed away and the compasses have been directed to the black plastic bins of no return.

So what else is happening? For starters neither Mick or I are drinking. Him because of health and me in support. What do you do on a Saturday night if you don't drink (go the the movies!) What do you do on a public holiday (we renovate!) Just watched Gran Torino last night, very very good movie, mesmerising and heart warming. Watched Role Models last weekend, unexpectedly funny even if it has the typical Hollywood ending.

Yep, so life is still happening. It's mainly work life but that's ok for now.

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