Friday, 30 January 2009

new beginnings part duex

{so this is not mine, but I can now do one like it, my photo though}

so here's the shop, notice missing sign. It used to read "Kevin the Florist" the new one will read "Surfers Paradise Flowers."

{here's one of mine}
Julianne's been working non-stop on the business side of getting this venture up and running: the flower arranging side of it all is left up to me for now. Our business cards should be arriving in the next week as will new order pads, a yellow pages online listing and a big poster for display in the centre. Things are now rapidly moving now that the design and tweaking of the logo are complete. The process seemed to drag everything to a crawl. Soon the website will be up and running and we're hoping that it will really increase our business.
So, keep checking this space,

Did a bit of gardening this morning. Our front yard had become a dead jungle of four foot tall marigold seed heads. Dry twigs and creeping grass had criss-crossed and swallowed up the poor old roses and herbs scattered throughout the beds. All fixed now, I think we need to get some good mulch in. We get a good breeze across the front and it saps every last drop of moisture from the soil, so some good protection is in order. Besides it'll help with weeds, right?

I'm very pleased to inform you that our: Jalapeno, Anaheim, Rainbow Chard and Mediterranean herbs fought well against the marigold onslaught and came out more healthy than could have really ever been expected.
A few weeks ago while dressing in our bedroom, I looked up and could see our back neighboors verandah. When the wind blows or when something disturbs the delicate hang of our blinds, all the world could see in. Not acceptable.
To market, to market (like I need an excuse anyways). Get this though, Mick came with me!!! shock of all shocks. Right, back to the potential peeping Tom crisis, we were at the markets in search of appropriate hedging. Found it in the form of some nice fast growing lilypillies and some acacia frimbrata (brisbane golden wattle). Hopefully the greenery will survive me long enough to provide some good privacy in a couple years.
Yes, I hear you saying "get some draps!" I will, I will, just as soon as we finish painting our bedroom and maybe get a new bed. Until then, we've got a huge blanket hanging in the window.
That's all for now folks, later skaters.

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