Thursday, 23 April 2009

As much as I try and make this a weekly thing it just ain't happening.
Hello all and welcome to another instalment of A Workers Cottage. Lots of new developments in life so we'll jump right in then.
First of all my freakin neck hurts. I've been given a number for a remedial therapists and now I just have to get that little thing called an appointment made. The good ole neck hurts 'cause I did a totally awesome block this past Saturday at the second bout of the second season for the Sun State Roller Girls. Sadly, although legal and thoroughly effective ;) the consequences are not what I would call good.
Ok, now that I've got that whinging out of the way we can move onto life, the universe and everything.
Summer has finally turned her golden locks away and Autumn is running up to meet us here in our little corner in Queensland. The doona has been pulled out of storage, steam is escaping out of the bathroom on chili mornings, our shag carpet lends its fuzzy warmth to our toes and I get to wear scarves again! this weather. Perfect in the day and snuggly at night. Which brings me to our next topic, work, work and more work and somewhere in there is derby and family and school.
Work at the flower shop is good, slow, but still chugging in. I think it's because we've got such a holiday crowd here on the coast that people are willing to spend a bit more money on non commodities. Not that we don't need flowers in our lives, I'm just saying the majority of the population doesn't necessarily see it that way.
Work at the leagues club is good, slow, but still moving along. In times of stress what do Australians turn to, beer and gambling. period
School, school is, umm I'm off school right now. Julieann was told that back surgery would greatly improve her life so she booked the date, flirted a bit with the surgeon and wha-la two and a bit weeks ago she was under the knife. Julieann's doing good now, but in her recovery period I've been minding the shop with the help of two lovely young ladies, Vicky and Jo. Since I'm in the shop I can't be at school. so there. School's pretty good though, boring theory-very common-sense kinda stuff. The practical side of class is great, challenging and a fun opportunity to learn as much as I push myself to do so. Plus there's some pretty cool people in it.
Sorry this is getting a bit long winded, so we'll have smoko, enjoy the visual pleasantries.

The photos above are from back in 2005 when I was freshly married and eagerly awaiting my Australian temporary residency visa to be approved. My brothers and I drove to Alaska from Washington State: been thinking about home a lot lately.

That'll do for now. more soon.

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