Wednesday, 18 February 2009


We've done it, our first Valentines day is completed and there were no casualties. All but one deliveries were made successfully.
Kevin and I were down in the workroom creating masterpieces of floral art, Maria, Julieann and Brian were up in the shop selling their socks off, and Gaven and Sue were running around the coast making deliveries.We opened the doors at 6:00am and the centre's shutters came down at 6:30pm as we shooed out the last customer.
My only real disappointment during the day is that we didn't sell more of the large balloons. We only had one blown up and I think if the rest had been, inflated we could have gotten rid of them.
On a home note, mom and dad, thanks again for the housewarming present of the huge pot, we love it. As you can see we put it too good use and it gets filled to the brim with yummy food.

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