Sunday, 6 September 2009

One fine day a petal fell on me

The sun shone dull upon the ground
under the flowering trees
all lined along my park

Two by to
they run dancing
their limbs entwined

through the greenery

The sun warms the ground
fallen white petals reflect light
to the gold leaves there before.

Dark and knobbly and twisted the trunks rise together

This is my park.
this is were I've had my birthday dancing,
where I fist kissed and wanted more
where I can see the trees grow

I've seen the floods drown my park.
saturate it with the ooze of suburbia

My park is wide and green
and stretches farther than your eye can see
My park takes me

Takes me to a place of peace
of dreams, of now, of quiet.

To a place here, right here
the centre of the universe

My park, isn't a park

This place is a sound
a breath, a feather

it's a moment
held in the rings of trees
sheltering time

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